Behind the Design’s MISSION to uplift and rejuvenate organizations in the design industry, by creating training and operational systems that will inspire their employees, streamline costs, and develop a ROCKSTAR culture to drive success!

Our VISION is to promote the importance of education and employee engagement in design organizations, as it contributes to the growth of our Industry. We are going to Educate, Engage, and Evolve businesses ready to take their organization to the next level, and inspire the next generation of leaders!


Our Core Values


We integrate our core values in every thing we do with the Power of 3. The Rule of Three, or Power of Three, is a Universal rule suggesting that when combining 3 things together, it creates a powerful effect making it stronger, more effective, more clear, better understood, funnier, etc. We incorporate the Power of Three in all our development programs to encourage team members to engage in the material to implement what they learn, while taking responsibility for their growth and education in order to evolve and reach their goals.  

Meet Our Team


Jessica Harling

Jessica is a 4th generation window treatment specialist, founder of Behind the Design, and leading expert in employee and process development for design organizations. Her specialty in recruiting, training, and change management drives innovative and high-producing results while keeping your team inspired. 

Jessica's passion for education and coaching others to be their best, started early before her professional career. Between being an art and music coach since grade school, and going to college for theatre direction, her drive to help others is matched by her passion to create one of a kind experiences. With over a decade in window covering design, Jessica honed her craft through one of the most prestigious and oldest window covering design firms in the country, eventually leading the company to win Loyola's Family Small Business of the Year for Illinois in 2017. Jessica's mission is to develop the next generation of leaders. 


Suree Bennett

Suree has over a decade of experience in product management, manufacturing, purchasing, and business development in the design industry. She has the knowledge and expertise to find the right candidates for her clients so that they can focus on achieving their business goals. Suree is excited to cultivate the next generation of design professionals.

Suree Headshot B.JPG

Dora Cano Johnson

Dora is a window covering convert and long-time partner in crime to Jessica. Dora's super power is having the creativity to tell the world about Behind the Design through storytelling marketing. She has a knack for keeping things organized and has top notch communication and follow up skills. Dora is on a mission to bring equality into the workplace. 

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