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Looking to Level Up Your Team? 

Training is Simple as A B C

A. Choose Your Training Program

B. Choose Your Course

C. Schedule Your Training

Get your team the tools they need to succeed. Make Education a Priority. 

We want to engage, educate, and evolve your dream teams to get your company to the next level. Our interactive training programs challenge your teams to approach problems differently, learn to have a key eye for observation, develop a new vocabulary of questions and learn to be the expert in their role. 

Making an investment in our trainings mean you retain long term employees, create a memorable experience for a customer while maintaining a consistent cash flow, turn non-industry new hires into lifelong industry converts, and create a vehicle for your team's success through recruiting and training initiatives.

Rockstar Training is for you if you are bringing on a new hire or promoting a manager to a new role. This is a bootcamp style training and is not for the distracted heart so if your team is ready to dive in and you're ready to invest in their growth, schedule today. 





What's Included

  • 3 Day Onsite Sessions with up to 18 hours of content!

  • Handouts for taking notes on training material

  • 30 Day Graduate support following training session

  • Report card and graduation certificate

  • Manager guide for training follow up

  • Unlimited Attendees for Flat Fee

  • Travel Onsite

Onsite training session
Managing Remotely Online




What's Included

  • 4 Week Zoom Sessions 2x per week with up to 16 hours of content!

  • Video recordings for accountability and reference

  • 30 Day Graduate support following training session

  • Weekly Report card and graduation certificate

  • Manager guide for training follow up

  • Unlimited Attendees for Flat Fee


Pick a Course!

Custom New Hire Training

New Designer Sales, Office, Showroom, or Business Development employees can learn their role and find consistent success. Learn about role responsibilities, industry standards & product pros and cons, process best practices, ways to stay profitable in your role, tools that will make you productive and standout as a ROCKSTAR team member. 

Project Management Principles

Project Managers will learn the necessities of a profitable workflow and how to deliver a job under budget on time, and what resources are available to you to wow the customer. We will teach you how to creatively problem solve and win over your customers every time

Sales Success

Learn our proven 12 Step Sales Process that is designed for the in-home sales professional. Whether in window coverings, furniture, custom closets, interior design or any other design trade, you can apply our best practices to seal the deal before you do all the work.

Relationships for Repeat & Referral Business

Calling all Brand Ambassadors, Schedulers, and Business Development Managers: Want to develop relationships that will last? Or maybe you want your customers to be a walking billboard for you! We'll teach you the process, tools you need, and how to keep your clients coming back for more!

Finding Your Next Rockstar

Whether you are looking for a Designer, Installer, General Manager, Office Support or any other role for your design business, we will help you understand the best process for recruiting, interviewing, and capturing your next perfect fit team member.

Effective Training Methods

Now that you've found the perfect person, you want to make sure they get all of the tools and training to be successful after 30 days. Problem is you don't know how to do that... We will give you a formula to success on developing your team in this training the trainer course.

Window Covering 101

For any role, beginners will learn the basics of the window covering language. The pros and cons of possible solutions, how to discuss with a customer, ways to fix it if it breaks. They will walk away empowered to be your customer's expert. 

Drapery 101

Romans, Drapes, Fabric Oh MY! Beginners will get an overview of all things soft goods in this introductory course on specifying these tricky products. Learn the styles, options, and ways to prevent problems from occuring for a beautiful installation.

Process Development

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