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What does a consultant do?

A consultant works with an organization to "fix" or "create" a process that involves procedures, profits, and people management to drive goal results.

What is the differenence between a coach and consultant?

Consulting usually involves working with many people in a company to reach a specific company goal or to shed light on the company policies and practices. Coaching is focused on working with an individual's mentality to help them grow forward.

How long does a consulting relationship last?

As with any change, consulting takes time. Change is a process and often not done quickly. Many coaching relationships begin with at least six months of working together and can last as long as twelve to eighteen months. The length of the coaching experience is determined by the goals that are set and the company's ability to achieve these goals.

How often do we meet?

Managers meet twice per month, teams meet once per month.

What makes your consulting business different than others?

Behind the Design was created out of a need in the industry. As a window covering professional running a mutli-million dollar organization, Jessica faced several roadblocks in finding the right resources in recruiting and training to help her company. With no process oriented consultants available to assist, and constant questions from others owners like how do you find the perfect person, how do you train them, how do you keep them stay, Jessica started to create her own answers which led to starting Behind the Design. We answer the questions you've been asking for years, and help you accomplish building your dream team.

What can a consultant help you with?

1. Defining procedures within departments for repetitive success. 2. Identifying areas where you are losing money and time, to create a process to fill the void. 3. Train your team on how to accomplish this new process 4. Provide resources of technology, financial support, sales support, and marketing. 5. Increase your margins, by definining your collections process and increasing your prices. 6. Get everyone behind a common mission to achieve 12 week project goals.

Do you come onsite?

Yes, we come onsite once per quarter for a 2 day intensive team meeting. Travel costs are included.


What do recruiters do?

Our services include: 1. Writing the Hire Ad 2. Placing the Hire Ad (including the cost of Ads) 3. Screening and Phone Interviewing Candidates 4. Background and Reference Check 5. Provide interviewing resources: Interview questions, New Hire Checklist, New Hire Offer Letter

How fast can you find a candidate?

That questions depends on how fast we can get them through the hiring process. Typically our clients hire candidates between weeks 3-4.

Can you change the steps of the hiring process?

Yes, we can change the order of the steps. If you want to add steps, we can put together a quote for you on the additional time to process the candidate.

What are the steps of the hiring process?

1. Complete Candidate Personna Form 2. Discovery Call 3. Write and Place Ads 4. Screen and Phone Interview Candidates 5. Background Check and Reference Check Candidates 6. Receive interview breakdown on candidates ready to move forward for an in-person interview. 7. Receive weekly progress reports 8. Make an offer

What does the candidate know about the process?

Full transparency. These are the things covered in the phone interview: 1. Who I am and what we are looking for 2. Who the Company is: History, Culture, Turnover 3. What the role is: Daily, Goals, Training 4. Candidate Experience 5. Compensation and Benefits 6. Timeframe of Hiring Process 7. Communication of moving forward or rejection after phone interview is complete

How many people do you interview?

Between screening candidate resumes of job ads to sourcing them through our recruiting softwares, we contact over 400 candidates per 1 hire. At each step of the process candidates get narrowed down for the best fit qualifications that are determined on the Discovery Call. We typically find that for every 15 that we interview, 1 is good to move forward to the company as an in-person or video interview.

Can't I do this on my own? What do you do differently?

Yes, you can. But the question really is, do you want to? Recruiting is a time-taxing activity in your business that is critical to the growth of the organization. As a business ower or manager, the conflict is that you have to find the time to recruit, train, and manage as well as complete any other projects for the leadership team you are responsible for. We will take the heavy lifting off your shoulders. We also will make sure we are EEO compliant, as well as considerate to the candidates of their time and ethusiasm for interviewing for your company. We care about getting it right the first time, reducing turnover, and giving every individual the opportunity to tell us why they are the perfect fit for you. Plus, we have over 10 years of experience in recruiting top producers for the window covering and design industry.

What does it mean to be EEO compliant?

Equal employment opportunity (EEO) means freedom from discrimination on the basis of protected classes such as race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, disability or genetic information.

Who do the candidates talk to before they talk to our company?

One of the Behind the Design Ringleaders with the expertise in the role that we are hiring for.

Do you do a candidate assessment test like DISC, Predictive Index, or others?

Yes, and we have options for you to choose from. If you have already subscribed to an assessment service, we can integrate that as part of the screening process. If you have not yet subscribed to an assessment service, we can provide you one for an additional membership fee. Keep in mind that any test we do choose, must be EEO compliant before utilizing with the candidates.

Where are my ads posted?

It changes per region on what is most successful, but here are our favorites: 1. LinkedIn 2. Indeed 3. ZipRecruiter 4. Glassdoor 5. Craigslist 6. Behind the Design Job Board


What types of training do you offer?

Education should not be a one size fits all approach. We have regular courses running monthly on our most popular topics, but if you need something customized to your team, the Ringleders at Behind the Design specialize in creating custom training programs for your Rockstars. Whether you are looking for a "do it for you" approach, or "teach your managers on how to" train the team, we are here to engage, educate, and evolve your organization.

What are your most popular courses?

1. Rockstar Sales System 2. Order to Install Process 3. Window Covering 101 4. New Hire Training 5. Interviewing 101

Do you come onsite?

Yes, and we love to! We offer special quotes for onsite visits of 3, 6, and 10 day training events for as many people in your organization you want to attend. Please contact us for a special quote.

Who is my teacher?

One of Behind the Design's Ringleaders who specializes in the topic selected will be your 4 week trainer. Your trainer will be assigned after your schedule has been chosen, to be sure you get the personalized attention you deserve.

Is there homework?

Yes! We believe with every course there needs to be an actionable item to implement. This is not a lecture, this is creating rockstar team members to take the company to the next level.

Am I graded?

Yes, there is a weekly report card that goes to management on the following factors: 1. Level of participation throughout session 2. Willingness to implement the training materials 3. Coming prepared with completing homework prior to trainings 4. Adaptability toward learning a new approach 5. Success in implementation There will be actionable feedback for both the candidate and manager transparently.

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