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Embracing Conflict in the Workplace

Though it may seem counterintuitive, conflict in the workplace can be a good thing. It isn’t something that should be shied away from and there are many benefits to embracing it. Conflict can help your team grow, can bring out new ideas, create cohesion, and ultimately help build a strong team.

Creating a work environment where conflict is embraced and talked about will significantly contribute to overcoming the difficulties around it. That being said, conflict can only have positive outcomes if there are established ways to support your team through the difficult conversations - the goal should always be to get to a solution. 

Some ideas to create a work environment that supports conflict:

  • Actively talk about conflict and how it’s an important part of the process when working on a team 

  • Establish a system to handle conflicts when they arise and let your team know the process

  • Educate about the importance of empathy and active listening when conflict arises

  • Provide trainings around conflict management regularly

  • Support those team members who have a conflict by providing them a supportive space to have healthy conversations around resolutions

  • Hire an outside mediator if you don’t have an HR department or if an issue is too big for your team to handle 

  • Focus time on team building activities to help develop communication and problem solving skills

Once there is a supportive work environment and conflict can be embraced as part of the process, it will free your team up to openly talk about things when they arise.

This is a huge benefit to them because it allows them to address issues in an understanding, empathic, solutions focused way. Companies that incorporate education around conflict have higher retention, employee satisfaction, innovation, and a more inclusive work environment. 

It’s easy to shy away from talking about conflict and waiting until it arises to do anything about it but, you have a huge opportunity to make a huge difference for your team.

Embrace conflict as part of the fabric of your company and watch the benefits weave into the very essence of your team.

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