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Power of Choice

This week was a choice that involved all of us. Every generation, every race, every belief system. And the affect of that decision will last for at least a decade to come. To understand the impact of a decade worth of choice, for a moment, let's look at this last decade of technology innovations.

In the last 10 years, we have experienced:

  • Music and Movies are streamed online. In 2010 Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy with the rise of Netflix and other streaming stations, and no longer did we have to rush to the Best Buy to get the newest cd.

  • Open rates for text far surpass metrics of open emails or answered phones. Younger generations are preferring less face to face contact with the ease and instancy of text.

  • A worldwide pandemic caused the entire modern world to go remote.

These changes for a technology driven generation like the millennials were welcome change, while older generations adapted to the new normal. And it was because there was such a larger presence of the millennial and younger generations that came into the workplace that forced the change to occur. But as I reflect over the technology marvels innovated in the last 10 years, I thought about other decades before that and the themes that were evident then. The truth is, every decade the world goes through a revival mission that requires the people to ban together to make the change.

In the next decade we are going to be faced with challenges of climate change, health, mental wellness, and other unknown obstacles to overcome. The choice we have today, is who are we going to ban together with in order to take risks, insist change, and develop a new normal that we are going to be proud of that we were part of the change. Having a strong inner circle with challenge your beliefs, convict your foes, and give your inspiration to change the world.

The very first choice you have to make is to decide to take action!

You don't like how someone is treating you? Decide to take action. You don't like how the company is handling something? Decide to take action. But to insight real change, take a positive outlook on what actions you can take to make it better. Your positive outlook will open up new doors and opportunities that were blocked by negativity before. Every challenge is meant to be overcome, you just have to keep on course and tackle each obstacle one at a time.

Your choice can make an impact

for a decade to come.

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