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Responsibility of a Clean Install

Everyone's number one goal on a project is to assure that the installation goes smoothly, and often time are on pins and needles until it's complete to breathe a sigh of relief. Getting to a clean install, however, is not easy and all parties must take responsibility over their part to get the job done.

Let's take a look at the different role's responsibilities in making sure the customer turns into a raving fan!


You are the person in charge of the customer experience from start to finish. Even if you work in an organization where you have a team backing you up - they are working within YOUR direction. It is important that the customer feels like you didn't sell it and leave them high and dry after the appointment. Take initiative and follow up with your support team weekly on the customer project to ensure we are staying on track and under budget. Make sure when you write your paperwork, you are as clear as possible on the expectations. To make the customer feel important, don't forget to attend or follow up and schedule time to stop by and see the final result.


You are the people in charge of the setting up the Designer appointment for success and facilitating the project completion from order to install. Your job is to keep the Designer and client informed of the timing of each stage of the project and ensure that the project gets delivered onetime and under budget. The success of this role depends the record keeping in the CRM program. Every interaction with the client in this role must be documented. In order to prepare for a clean install, product check in must be accurate as well as the installation paperwork is clear and concise with all proper tools noted.


You are the team in charge of making the Client and Designer vision come true. Your job is to make sure the company and Designer look good to the client, and that the client is satisfied with the quality workmanship. In order to have a clean install, the installer should inspect his paperwork prior to the install and leaving the shop to be sure they have all necessary ladders, tools, or products needed. If something is missing on the installation, it is often the result of the Designer, Installer or manufacturer. The installer can control their own actions.


You are responsible for making sure everyone does their part. Inspect what you Expect. By performing spot checks throughout the process, you can assure that the team is following each process consistently and the client is getting the brand experience you worked so hard at building. Do not "sell it and forget it" like the Designer, we mentioned above. You need to take the time to make sure each person understands the importance of their role and collaborate with them to make it happen.

Action item! Be sure everyone has a job description or responsibility breakdown to allow them to follow your expectations as the business owner. As an employee, if the company does not have one, write one for yourself to keep accountable and share it with your manager - it'll one thing off their plate, and you will ingratiate yourself into being a helpful team members.

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