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What is your Showroom's First Impression?

We know that we never get a second first impression, so don't allow the exterior of your building drive traffic away (even if you are working from home right now). What the exterior of your building, parking lot, and signage looks like says a lot about how you take care of things. Think about it this way, do you want to go to the hairdresser that looks like a non-combed disaster or the one that is polished and put together?

To draft your Building Checklist, consider some of these important factors:


The ritual of an opening and closing procedure is important for you and your team to take care of all the details to start your day towards success. Without completing these details, you may get busy once customer's start interacting with you and may forget to take care of them. Consider the important tasks you need to get ready before your day starts.


We go through a lot of trash in a day, especially if our showroom is tied to a warehouse where installers work in and out of picking up product. Be sure there is a designated spot where materials get returned after an install, as well as designate frequent pick up dates for your garbage and recycling containers to be emptied


From your technology, to showroom products, and lighting. Be sure that everything is in working order by doing a quick test run. If you find something that is not turning on, be sure to inform someone immediately or put it on a weekly fix it list.


From your physical collateral laying out in the showroom to the exterior signs, be sure that all dates, times, and information is current as to not confuse a customer and as a result lose profits on a job.

Action item! Assign someone to be responsible for this checklist daily and have them go through it before they get settled into their computer and start returning messages.

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