Why Behind the Design

We care about your reputation.

What's Included

  • Writing and Posting Hire Ads

  • Ad Cost on 5+ sites

  • Screening & Sourcing Candidates

  • Phone Interview Candidates

  • Behavior and Cognitive Assessment

  • Background Check

  • Reference Check

  • In-Person Interview Questions

  • In-Person Interview Analysis Form

  • New Hire Checklist

  • New Hire Offer Letter Template

Let us Recruit Your Next Rockstar

Don't have time to go through 300 resumes to find 1 unicorn? Did you know that finding 1 Rockstar requires over  80 hours of search and interviewing time? Let us take the heavy lifting off your shoulders with our Rockstar Recruiting program.

We Guarantee 5 Qualified Candidates, and have a 93% Placement Rate

Our retained recruiting service will provide HR tools giving you guidance along the process and providing confidence in your final employee selection. You'll love checking in with us weekly to see how the search is going and be coached to keep the process rolling. 

This is for you if you want to onboard a new employee the right way with the details taken care of, to delegate the 25 hours of recruiting search, and take the time to find the ideal fit.


Roles We Hire

  • Interior Designer

  • In-Home Designer Sales

  • Commercial Sales Estimator

  • Customer Service Project Manager

  • Showroom Manager

  • Business Development Manager

  • Brand Ambassador

  • Event Manager

  • Scheduling Manager

  • Accounting Manager

  • Installations Manager

  • Installer

  • Warehouse Manager

  • Office Manager / Receptions

  • HR Manager

  • Sales Manager

  • Any other design or home remodeling company role you can think of!