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Rockstar DIY Recruiting Guides

We want to assist you in having the confidence in bringing on your next new hire because the scary cost of a mis-hire is upwards of $30,000. Every team member is an investment.

These recruiting packets will help you:

  • Provide a hiring process roadmap to select top talent

  • Become more efficient in the hiring process to save you time and increase your profitability

  • Teach you safe interview questions to ask a candidate to stay in compliance

  • Stay competitive in the market to attract top talent

Guides Available for Purchase: 

  • Designer Sales

  • Installation

  • Project Manager

  • General Manager

  • Seamstress

  • Hiring Process

  • Job Description

  • Hire Ad

  • Phone Interview Questions

  • Phone Interview Analysis

  • In-Person Interview Questions

  • In-Person Interview Analysis

  • Reference Check

  • Onboarding Checklist

  • Best Practices

  • 90 Minute LIVE Training Session

DIY Recruiting Guide Contains

Partnership with Solatech

Behind the Design and Solatech have a common mission. To make the design professional more productive.

From quoting to ordering and managing the project's workflow to completion, Solatech helps you save time and reduce errors to focus on the client experience.
Image of cheerful african american woman using laptop while sitting on chair in living roo

Take Advantage of Great Benefits

  • Save time and prevent errors

  • Capture signatures on the screen, email, and close on the spot 

  • Integrated Electronic PO Ordering Direct to your Fabricators

  • Integrates with Google Calendar

  • Professional presentation from consult to installation

  • Complete Order and PO Workflow Manager

  • Laser measuring device integration

  • Personalized Training & Support Provided

LuAnn Nigara

Study at LuAnn University

Luck doesn’t close deals.

The most successful firms rely on a proven process.


If you’re selling under $1 million a year—or you just want to improve your techniques to maximize time—this method is for you.

Experience the course that LuAnn Nigara has taught to countless window treatment pros—masterfully led by her esteemed colleague, Jessica Harling. Jessica will teach you a truly game-changing process—crafted to methodically increase your conversion rates and gross sales.


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