Are you looking for your next Rockstar?

We want to assist you in having the confidence in bringing on your next new hire because the scary cost of a mis-hire is upwards of $30,000. Every team member is an investment.

These recruiting packets will help you:

  • Provide a hiring process roadmap to select top talent

  • Become more efficient in the hiring process to save you time and increase your profitability

  • Teach you safe interview questions to ask a candidate to stay in compliance

  • Stay competitive in the market to attract top talent


Recruiting Guide Contains

  • Hiring Process

  • Job Description

  • Hire Ad

  • Phone Interview Questions

  • Phone Interview Analysis

  • In Person Interview Questions

  • In Person Interview Analysis

  • Reference Check

  • Onboarding Checklist

  • Best Practices

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Designer Sales Consultant

Rockstar Recruiting Guide


Using Tools

Installer Technician

Rockstar Recruiting Guide


Using Tools
Support Call
Support Call

Project Manager

Rockstar Recruiting Guide



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