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What type of Manager are you?

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

There are many successful businesses out there, but behind every business is a manager that can make or break the organization. My clients often ask me if they have what it takes to be a manager, or if they are cut out for it at all. The thing is, there is not one type of manager that is successful. It's how you lead your team and stay consistent with the that leadership that makes the difference. Here are some different types of leadership styles to help you identify when or not you are cut out to be a manager.


People Leadership

  • Develops loyalty and trust within each employee

  • Concerned with the happiness and longevity the employee has with the company

  • PRO: Creates loyal team mates with integrity

  • CON: Makes "firing" decisions difficult

Process Leadership

  • Inspects the processes they expect

  • Concerned with the consistency and accuracy of each step

  • PRO: Creates a consistent customer experience

  • CON: Can be difficult to innovate and think outside of the box

Numbers Leadership

  • Inspects the tangible results on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis

  • Concerned about achieving the projected goals

  • PRO: Drives independence and accountability amongst team

  • CON: Will weed out the non-achievers quickly


Tick Tock "Lack of" Leadership

  • Everything has a deadline

  • Concerned with the timeliness of your actions and following orders

  • PRO: Creates urgency on projects and increases productivity

  • CON: Does not relate well with "people management"

Micro Detail "Lack of" Leadership

  • Ultra detailed

  • Concerned with what you do, how you do it, the words you say

  • PRO: You get the tangible result you manage to completion

  • CON: Slows down progression of the company and de-motivates your employees causing high turnover

Hands Off "Lack of" Leadership

  • Does not want to deal with the people, expects them to do the job they are hired for

  • Concerned with getting their own work done

  • PRO: Often time these leaders have an expertise in a certain area of the business

  • CON: Poor communication with the team leads to different processes across the organization

Action Item: Take a survey of the likes and dislikes of your team including your leadership style and where improvements can be made. 360 degree feedback fosters transparency and allowed for your employees to take ownership of their actions too.

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