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DAVID, Los Angeles

Jessica came to work with our organization to assist with organization, evaluate our processes, and work with our management to help them become better leaders. She more than accomplished these goals during her visit. Her enthusiasm and knowledge about the window covering industry is top tier. She was able to identify strengths with each of our staff and gave ideas on how to motivate them and get them to come together as a team. The insights she brought to our organization were invaluable. I strongly recommend that any who has the opportunity to work with Jessica to jump at the opportunity. You will not be sorry you did."

ALYSSA, Chicago

I went through a very thorough training program with Behind the Design. The ring leader—Jessica—was patient, knowledgeable, and encouraging. She takes a very holistic approach to understanding the industry, while also keeping a very high level of detail to the intricacies of the position I was learning. Her training followed a see-one, do-one, teach-one, which I found very helpful. Thanks for everything!

LAURA, Chicago

I came into the Window Fashion industry who zero experience or knowledge. Jessica did a very thorough job of training me and made me an instant success at selling and I was closing my sales in a one step process very quickly. Behind the Design and Jessica provided me with some of the best sales training I have ever received and am forever thankful for. I simply can not say enough about Jessica and her level of knowledge! She saved myself and the company from many costly mistakes a new designer could make. Top notch training! Thank you Jessica!!

DAVID, Los Angeles

JEAN, Raleigh

Jessica is very knowledgeable in the social media arena. She is dedicated to helping customers find the best resources for their drapery needs at the showroom locations. Detailed and verypersonable.

Jessica did an amazing job with not only putting together processes and procedures that helped our business in countless ways, but also implementing all of those processes and procedures. We cannot say, "Thank you", enough!

BRENDA, Orlando

have worked with several consultants at this company and Jessica is by far the best. She completely turned around the company in a year and we lowered our error rates, decreased our turnaround time, and increased our profits. Best money ever spent.

CHRISTINA, Los Angeles

Jessica helped our company create new hire training for every department. She has plenty of great ideas and was a pleasure to work with.

ROXY, Los Angeles

TINA, Cincinnatti

I hired Jessica as my business coach as I have no experience in Managing. Her business knowledge as well as her ability to put you on a path to succeed is astonishing. She’s intuitive, compassionate and will still kick you in the pants if needed. My entire team loves working with her!

VITA, Philadelphia

I felt very supported by you throughout this process.  And I am really glad that I didn’t have to deal with any of the leg work [of recruiting].  Thank you for everything you’ve done, Jessica!  Great job!!!

RICK, Los Angeles

Jessica helped us tremendously to get ourselves organized.

I highly recommend 

Jessica Harling if you are looking to better manage or grow your business.

STEVE, Bethesda

Best operations and training expert we know at Exciting Windows!

RAY, High Point

MIMI, Chicago

Jessica’s organizational skills are second to none. I never realized how many unnecessary steps or procedures there could be until she modified some and eliminated others. Jessica can see right into the root of problems and can also propose solutions. A trait that is highly sought after but rarely attained.

MARISA, Barrington

I feel so grateful that I have had the chance to be trained by Jessica and her program, ”Behind the Design.” I have had previous sales experience but none in window treatments.  Because of this training, she has completely taken me  from zero to up and running in a matter of sessions.  She is completely knowledgeable and it is no surprise that she is a leader in her industry.  The training was efficient, thorough and expedited with ease, making learning a complete pleasure.  I highly recommend this program regardless if your brand new or a seasoned designer. I am confident  the materials she provides coupled with all her,” tricks of the trade “, will make you exponentially a cut above all the competition.


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