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Exploring Leadership Styles: What Type of Manager Are You?

By: Dora Cano-Johnson

Behind every successful business is a manager who can make or break the organization. But there isn’t just one type of successful manager. It’s not about fitting a mold; it’s about how you lead your team and stay consistent in your approach.

In this blog post, we’ll explore different leadership styles to help you identify which resonates with you and whether you’re cut out to be a manager.

Negative Leadership Qualities:

Hands-Off Quality: Leaders exhibiting this quality avoid people management and expect employees to handle their roles independently. While they often excel in specific business areas, they may need to improve communication and establish more consistent processes to ensure a cohesive and productive team.

Tick Tock Quality: Leaders obsessed with deadlines expect prompt

obedience from their team members.

This obsession creates a sense of urgency that can boost productivity. However, they might face challenges in people management, potentially leading to strained relationships with employees.

Micro Detail Quality: Ultra-detailed leaders focus on minute details, ensuring thoroughness and tangible results. While this meticulous approach can yield high-quality outcomes, it may slow overall company progress and contribute to high employee turnover if not balanced with a streamlined workflow.

Positive Leadership Qualities:

Numbers Leadership: Leaders who adopt this style closely monitor tangible results, focusing on achieving project goals. They encourage team independence and accountability, empowering employees to take ownership of their work. This approach fosters a results-driven environment where individuals are motivated to meet and exceed targets.

People Leadership: This leadership style strongly emphasizes building loyalty and trust among employees. Leaders prioritize their team members’ happiness and long-term commitment to the company. They cultivate a sense of belonging and dedication by fostering positive relationships and creating a supportive work environment.

Process Leadership: Process-oriented leaders pay meticulous attention to their teams’ operational steps. They emphasize consistency and accuracy to provide customers with a uniform and reliable experience. This approach ensures that every task is completed efficiently, reducing errors and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Evaluating Your Leadership Style

To gain self-awareness and sharpen your leadership skills, consider taking a survey to gauge the likes and dislikes from your team. 360-degree feedback fosters transparency and allows employees to take ownership of their actions. It’s an opportunity to identify areas for improvement and create a more effective and cohesive team.

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to management. Understanding your leadership strengths and weaknesses allows you to adapt your style to foster a positive and productive work environment.

Were you able to determine your leadership style?

If you’re struggling to assess whether your leadership style might be a detriment to your small business, we’re here to support you!

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