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Mission vs. Vision - Why You Need Both!

When starting a company or taking it to the next level and starting to onboard your employees, a mission and vision statement is often requested to let everyone that does business with you, what you do and what the future looks like. But what can a mission and vision statement do for you besides just sit in the employee manual collecting dust. Let's start by understanding the difference between a mission and vision statement.

A company mission statement is a promise to your customers on what you will deliver. A vision statement is a promise to your company on where it's going. Most entrepreneurs get into business because they have a dream of growing a company from a spark of an idea. When putting together the mission and vision statement, I like to start with the vision statement if we have dreamed up an idea. What do we want to accomplish in the future, vs. how we are going to do it. The how should always come after the why.


To put together a vision statement, follow these simple steps in putting it together:

  1. Share 3-5 core values that will allow your vision to come true.

  2. Project 10 years in the future... what will you have accomplished?

  3. Think about how your company will impact your customers.

  4. Think about how your company will impact the community.

  5. Think about how your company will lead your employees.

Keep the statement to 1-2 sentences. The vision should inspire anyone that you share it with to join your company mission.

Behind the Design's VISION is to promote the importance of education and employee engagement in design organizations, as it contributes to the growth of our Industry. We are going to Educate, Engage, and Evolve businesses ready to take their organization to the next level, and inspire the next generation of leaders!


When crafting your mission statement, follow these guidelines to get a start:

  1. What is the name of your organization?

  2. What is your target client?

  3. What do you do?

  4. What is the result you get?

Keep the statement to 1-2 sentences so it is easily repeatable and becomes your anthem.

Behind the Design’s MISSION to uplift and rejuvenate organizations in the design industry, by creating training and operational systems that will inspire their employees, streamline costs, and develop a ROCKSTAR culture to drive success!

Action Item! To round out the mission and vision statement, consider the core values your company is founded on and choose up to 5 that represent you best.

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