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Why a Positive Candidate Experience Matters to Your Company

by Jessica Van Roekel

Have you ever had a horrible experience either applying for a job, going through an interview, or even being onboarded into a new position? Did you know that a candidate’s experience during this process can impact your business even if they aren’t hired?

When a candidate takes the time to apply for a position you are hiring for, that is their first branding experience with your company. In many ways, you are selling something to them, and ensuring their experience is professional, considerate, and well thought out is crucial. Oftentimes companies need a Human Resources department to be able to manage everything that goes into hiring on their own. What many without an HR department don’t realize is that several procedural things need to be in place to adhere to EEOC compliance and ensure adequate time to dedicate to the candidate’s experience.

Did you know that candidates who have a good hiring or interview experience are more likely to share future job opportunities with their network and speak well of your company and the products you offer to their networks? We are hardwired to take a referral from a friend above all else, and providing an amazing experience for a candidate during the hiring process can yield higher returns in the long run for your business from word of mouth alone.

Ways to Provide a Positive Hiring Experience for a Candidate

  • Have an informative, detailed, and 100% honest job ad for the scope of the position a candidate is applying to

  • Reach out to a candidate who applies within 72 hrs to either move them forward in the interview process or let them know they won’t be moving forward (this can be done by just a simple email message)

  • Set up interviews in a timely manner and make sure you are prepared - have it scheduled on your calendar, send detailed information to the candidate on location and time, and have interview questions ready and be prepared overall to give 100% of your attention to the candidate during the interview

  • Have timely follow-ups post-interview, letting the candidate know the next steps or if they are moving forward - best done within 48 hrs.

  • If a candidate isn’t moving forward, be sure to send them a professional and timely message to let them know - this shows courtesy and professionalism

  • If a candidate is being hired, make sure you have everything in place to make an offer (an official offer letter) and anything you will need to run a background check or do references if that is part of your hiring process

  • During onboarding of your new hire, make sure you have a training plan in place to ensure a successful onboarding process

  • Consider ways your team can step in to help with training to ensure your new hire feels set up for success

All of these steps are a road map to set you up for success and ensure that your candidate has a professional and positive hiring experience, which truly matters for your business and branding.

Don’t have time to create onboarding procedures or effectively hire? Behind the Design offers rockstar services to help ensure there is a positive experience for your candidates and future employees! Schedule a no-cost discovery call today to learn more about our services and how we can help with the hiring process and employee onboarding.

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